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  • World traveler?

    Don’t leave your home without your passport and MyMDband.

    Get better care. Everywhere!

  • Senior citizen?

    You never know when you might need your medical information.

    Always have it handy with MyMDband!

  • EMT?

    MyMDband helps you gain access to the vital information you need, when you need it most Click here to learn more

    Register as an EMT here
  • Parent?

    Children are the most precious thing in the world!

    MyMDband helps you provide them with the best care.

  • Expecting?


    Managing your expanding family’s medical information is made easy with MyMDband.

  • Doctor?

    Learn more about how MyMDband makes it easy for you to provide your patients with better care

Your medical information, always handy!

MyMDband is a stylish and durable bracelet with a personalized QR or Quick Response code, that provides medical personnel with instant access to your emergency medical information, anytime, anywhere, securely.

Using MyMDFile's patent pending technology, your medical information is displayed in the local language, ensuring that you get the best medical care, everywhere.

Easily Update Your Medical Information

MyMDband uses the sophisticated online medical repository MyMDFile to organize and store your medical information in a state-of-the-art system, with the latest security measures and HIPAA compliance.

Using MyMDband's secure, simple and intuitive interface you can easily keep your medical information up to date or simply have your doctor do so for you.

How MyMDband Works

The MyMDband advantage

MyMDband fitting tutorial

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