At MyMDband we assembled a team of medical professionals, technology experts and patients just like you and me to come up with a solution to one of the most critical problems which exists today in emergency medicine, one which is estimated to lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of people every year in the US alone! - Lack of access to a patient's medical information at the time of an emergency.

That's why we created MyMDband, an innovative lifesaving medical emergency bracelet. A combination of a stylish bracelet and a sophisticated multilingual online system, that provides medical personnel with instant access to the information they need to give you with the best care, everywhere!™ 

With MyMDband you can avoid becoming a statistic and enjoy the peace of mind that you always have your information handy.

Ten Kavod - Give Respect Project

We are excited to have teamed up with United Hatzalah through their "Ten Kavod" ("Give Respect") project to bring this exciting technology to those that need it most: Holocaust Survivors.

There are over 193,000 holocaust survivors living in Israel, many of whom suffer from multiple medical conditions and require our help now as much as ever. 

We are a small start-up and unfortunately don't have the resources to hand out lifesaving MyMDband bracelets to all the holocaust survivors that need them, that's why we need your help!

United Hatzalah's Ten Kavod program addresses the special medical needs of the lone elderly and those at-risk, with particular focus on Holocaust Survivors. 

In an effort to prevent Holocaust survivor's medical condition deteriorating and requiring emergency medical care, medics will visit their home 4 times a month to monitor blood pressure, sugar levels and medication compliance. Their up-to-date information will be inputted into their MyMDband profile, both for future visits and in case they ever require emergency care. As an added bonus, these friendly and caring visits often do more for their well-being than a tray full of medications. 

To learn more about the Ten Kavod program click here

Who needs one?

Whether you are young or only young at heart, if you or your loved ones have any medical conditions, take any medication on a regular basis, suffer from an allergy or simply want to travel the world with peace of mind, MyMDband is the solution for you!

More about MyMDband

MyMDband is a combination of a stylish bracelet and a sophisticated multilingual online system. 

The bracelet is made out of a durable and waterproof silicon band and a laser engraved stainless steel buckle. Each buckle is engraved with a unique internationally recognized Quick Response (QR) code on the front, PIN and serial numbers on the back. All parts of the band are fully waterproof, the band does not require any maintenance and doesn't have any batteries that need to be recharged. 

Upon scanning of the QR and inputting the secure PIN number on the underside of the buckle, medical personnel are given instant access to your emergency medical profile. In an emergency, time is of the essence, that is why we have worked with medical experts to create a system that displays your medical information in a clear and easy to understand format and in the order of importance, providing medical staff with the information they need quickly, so they can stop focusing on your information and start focusing on providing you with the best medical care.

The QR can be scanned using any standard smartphone, with any barcode scanning application, anywhere in the world! Alternatively, your emergency medical profile can also be accessed by simply going to the web address engraved on the buckle

How many languages can you speak?

MyMDband’s innovative patent pending technology enables you to provide your medical information in your native language, yet upon scanning will automatically displays your medical information in the caregiver's language!

Whether you get into a fender bender in Rome, have an allergic reaction to Shellfish in Barcelona or eat one Croissant too many in Paris, MyMDband helps you get better medical care, everywhere!™

Languages currently supported are English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian. We are continually working to add support for additional languages and with your support, we hope to be able to do so more rapidly.


Using the built-in GPS of the scanning phone, when a MyMDband is scanned it automatically notifies your predefined emergency contacts, alerting them that you are receiving treatment and may be in need of assistance as well as providing them with your location.

With MyMDband, parents have the peace of mind that they will be there for their children and those caring for elderly parents no longer need to worry about them receiving medical care all alone.

Take Medications?

There are multiple brand names for similar medications and brand names differ between countries. That's why we developed a mechanism that offers medical personnel anywhere around the world the ability to automatically translate your medications brand names into their generic name. Avoid dangerous mistakes, make sure they know what you take! 

This feature is in its final stages of development and will be available shortly.

Setting up your MyMDband

Entering your information into MyMDband is so quick and simple you can do it yourself or alternatively, have your doctor do so for you. Using a sophisticated yet simple to use online system, it is as simple as selecting check boxes from a list, and is update-able at any time by simply logging into your online account. If you prefer, there is an option available in your profile to send your doctor a special link, giving them the ability to do so for you. With your support, we plan on creating interfaces with existing medical software to enable your information to be automatically updated whenever it changes.

Scanning your MyMDband

Upon scanning a MyMDband and inputting the secure PIN code engraved on the back, medical personal quickly gain access to all the information they need to stop dealing with paperwork and start focus on providing you with the best care!

Style Pack:

Have a favorite color? Want your MyMDband to match the color of your clothing, car or mood? With 3 multicolored MyMDband style packs to choose from, feel free to express yourself in style!

Why is MyMDband subscription based?

We live in a rapidly changing medical world. New medications, vaccinations and medical devices are becoming available on a regular basis. This requires an ever evolving solution, that keeps up with these advancements and enables you to update your information at any time. 

The heart of the MyMDband medical bracelet is its online medical system. In addition to storing your information, upon scanning your band, the system automatically displays your information in the local language and notifies your emergency contacts. This requires us to constantly perform maintenance and make improvements to the system.

In order to reduce the upfront cost, we have decided instead to offer MyMDband as a subscription service. With an active subscription, you always have access to the latest and greatest system without the need to replace your band. Since it is important to us that you get the most out of your MyMDband, as long as you are an active subscriber you will enjoy a complete, full coverage warranty on your bracelet. Whether your dog chews on it or it simply gets lost, a new one will be on its way to you. For less than 11 cents a day you get the protection offered by the most advanced medical bracelet in the world!

We have worked with leading doctors, hospital administrators, medics, emergency medicine specialists and technology experts to create the most advanced medical emergency bracelet out there! Rest assured our commitment to being at the cutting edge of healthcare technology will keep your needs covered.

All MyMDband bracelets donated to Holocaust Survivors will come with an unlimited, 120+ year subscription and will include our full coverage warranty.

Nothing is more important than our health. So go ahead and give yourself, your loved ones and a holocaust survivor the gift of better healthcare, everywhere!

Have any additional questions? Feel free to contact us

Show Some Love! Support a Holocaust Survivor
Help support the effort to provide Holocaust survivors with lifesaving MyMDband medical bracelets!

In conjunction with United Hatzalah we will go to their homes, perform a medical checkup and set up their MyMDband medical bracelet. We will also throw in our till 120+ years subscription!